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3 On-Page SEO Trends that Drive Better Leads and Revenue

SEO is becoming quite unpredictable, with continuous changes in Google algorithms, technologies, and marketing strategies. It’s time for businesses to take ample time and effort to work on their SEO tactics to transform user experiences.

By the way, did you know that there were over 4.3 billion searches made this year while I was writing this blog, and the figure is always increasing? That is why it is the right time to upgrade your On-page SEO services or try an updated one.

1. Try passage ranking

The Google page ranking update is a good way to rank long-form content. It studies information to understand its context and provide searchers with more relevant results. Google prioritizes sections that are directly connected to the search term.

For example, you might have looked for "how to set up Google Home." Initially, the top result would have been an article, but after passage ranking, you will get a result that specifically answers the issue. We can find that needle-in-a-haystack information you're seeking by understanding sections in addition to the entire page's relevance."

2. Systematic content structure

When Passage Indexing becomes life, the structure of your content will become just as crucial as the content's quality. It's critical to divide the content into several sections, each of which should cover a different sub-topic. In this method, you inform Google about the breadth of your material and how it will satisfy users' search intent.

The best SEO companies in India follow a content plan where they usually go for long-form content. When it comes to extremely competitive search queries, 9 out of 10 of the top-ranking pages on Google are long-form material that surpasses 2000 words.

3. Improve page speed

While it may appear that page speed is something that appears on these SEO trend lists every year, there's a reason for that. As the new gadgets have speedier CPUs, they can load websites more quickly than before.

If you don't do your share to make sure your website is up to date, you risk alienating your visitors. Furthermore, Google has stated that page speed is a criterion that is taken into account when ranking websites.

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