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Drive Organic Traffic – Turn Visits Into Sales – Grow Revenue

Before we dive into what we offer you in SEO, let’s take a look at some key stats:

  • 60,000+ searches happen every second on search engines

  • More than 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every month

  • More than 90% of users take to search engine to find what they are looking for

  • Almost 3/4th of users never move past the first page in Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

These are some stats that define how valuable search engines are for users in their online journey. 


Have you been at the plus side of getting your website or webpage appear in front of the users for their queries? Is your website optimized properly to drive in organic traffic?

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Even when you have a killer website, product, service and content, it won’t make for any good if your website is not optimized to appear in top results of SERPs to be visible where it should be. This is the power of SEO that you just cannot overlook, else you will find yourself at the end of the line amongst the competitors.


SEO is not one-time method, but a continuous process that your business website should leverage in the right way. This is where digital marketing experts at Pienet Global can take your business forever, creating a brand that everyone knows.

We are a prominent name in the field offering comprehensive SEO services to all type and size businesses, creating experiences for the businesses as well as their end users, delivering value for both.

Partnering with us, you get to work with a team of digital marketing experts having knowledge, skill and know-how of what to do and how, taking you toward digital success. Whether come to us with an objective of more traffic, or enhanced conversion, lead generation, more sales, improved brand awareness, curated content promotion – we deliver results that go way beyond your expectation.

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Our SEO Strategy

Website SEO Audit

A thorough assessment of:

  • Your website on-page factors

  • Website Analytics

  • Google Console Search Data

  • Website Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness

  • Website Load Speed, Functionality, User Experience and much more

All these, and more audit steps help to identify where does your website stands in terms of SEO elements and what needs to be done for enhanced optimization.

Keyword Research

Keywords are phrases that your target audience use to look for products or services that you deal in. Our full, tool-based keyword research helps to compile a list of keyword phrases and long-tail keywords that are to be used for content generation, and site optimization. 

Content Creation

Content is the King in the online world. And it is content what a search engine looks at and what users look at to know what you are delivering and whether you hold value to appear in search results and influence buyer decision. Our strategy is to create rich, insightful, and quality content, through structured process that follow keyword strategy thoughtfully, to reach more and more target audience, delivering value in information. Text, images, videos, we create and make use of all content types that engage in more and more people.

On-Page Optimization

Search engines crawl and index a website depending on what it says to that. This is where on-page optimization becomes highly critical. Right from using keyword-based meta tags and descriptions to optimizing the website URL, page URL, page titles and much more, site speed and design, we implement full on-page optimization methodology to make you web product search-engine friendly.


Off-Page Optimization

The more you make your presence across the web, the better visibility you are going to get. This is what off-page optimization does. We create different sets and types of content, promote them across high-value and authoritative website, which in turn brings you improved domain authority as well as visitors.


Competitor Research

What your competitors are doing that is delivering them results? What trends they are following? What is the area they are lacking which you can take advantage of and deliver value to users ahead of them? A thorough competitor research is all about finding what waters you are standing and how you have to stream past them – we have the tools, mind and tactics to work this effectively for our client’s advantage.



Link building was and is an integral part of all SEO process. This is an important step to get your website in front of users. Our dedicated and skilled teams of content and marketing work tow-in-tow to create quality, trendy, unique and liked-by-all content that is spread across other sources to generate in return backlinks that tell Google how useful you have been to the readers.


Social Media Optimization

Everyone is on social media these days. Your target audience also. It goes without saying that a presence on social media is all important for businesses to engage and interact with audience, understand consumer behavior, drive in traffic to the business website, as well as influence sales and conversions. We make use of all the different social channels through tried, tested and best methods.


Continual Testing and Improvement

There is no standalone method for SEO, but is more about trying and testing what fits best, follow the evolving trends and continually tread the path of progression and improvement to funnel in a strategy that is concise and delivering the best results. With conversion path analysis, call-to-action enhancements and comprehensive ROI tracking, we regularly keep ourselves on toes to make your SEO strategy work for your success.

What You Stand to Gain with Our SEO Service?

  • Dedicated and customized approach

  • An experienced team of digital marketing experts who are constantly learning, growing and updating their techniques

  • Timely and as-promised results

  • Clear, concise and easy-to-follow campaign reports depicting how much you have gained and what more you can do

  • Strategized, effective use of all the latest and comprehensive SEO tools and methodologies that work best for your goal

  • Budget-specific SEO solutions 

Need your website optimized? Contact the experts at Pienet Global now for a free quote!

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