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How Image Submission Service is a Popular and Impactful Off-Page SEO Activity?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a one-step process, but a combination of different tactics and techniques. Concerning SEO, both on-page SEO and off-page SEO holds equal importance.

Image Submission in SEO

When it comes to off-page SEO, there are many activities that webmasters implement. And image submission is one of that.

If you are even a bit familiar with SEO, you would know that ‘Content is King’. However, what would you like to go through more – text or image content? Obviously the latter one. When you are going through a particular topic's content, you would definitely pay more heed to graphic or visual content rather than plain textual one. This is where image submission becomes a key and integral part of off-page SEO.

What is Image Submission Service?

Image submission service means posting and publishing image content related to your business, brand, and industry as an off-page activity on specific image submission sites. Such images have the capability to attract visitors’ attention and are a proven method to gain higher ranking and visibility.

With enhanced attraction aspect, improved engagement, and the potency of leaving a mark amongst the visitor’s and readers’ minds, image submission has become a highly popular and powerful off-page SEO activity as of late.

What Type of Images are Used for Image Submission?

These can be an assortment of choices, right from your product image to an infographic about your industry. You can either create a visual chart or a basic graphical display of your business’s journey or workflow process. The options are endless. It is all about what you want to show and how you can present that in the graphical form in an innovative, unique and engaging way.

eCommerce businesses usually promote their product images through submission sites, whereas service industry businesses can talk about something rich and informative through visual presentation. You would have gone through the brands’ listings of their products on their Instagram pages or on Facebook page profiles. These are what can be termed effective image submission examples.

Where the Images Can be Submitted?

There are not one, or two, but many different platforms that you can use and optimize for image submission service to create an effective presence and improve brand visibility. However, proper strategy and thought process must be implemented to make use of the right platform for the right image submission and promotion.

Whatever works on Facebook may not necessarily fit Instagram, and vice-versa. Thereby, it becomes important that you work with a professional SEO agency that knows how to make the most of image submission services, utilizing the right platform and tool for the right image type. The various image submission sites include:

· Instagram

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Tumblr

· Flickr

· Reddit

· Mediafire

· Photobucket

· Imageshack

· Fotolog

· And many more

Each platform has a certain work process, which you must correspond to. Create your profile, follow the guidelines and pick the platform-specific to where your target audience is. Optimizing each platform the right way is important to get high visibility, following, improved traffic, and leverage increased sales.

What Benefits do You Gain with Image Submission Services?

Image submission provides many benefits to brands and businesses, which are as detailed below:

· It gives you more exposure as images create an instant connection with the viewers, which enables people to recognize and remember the brand, business, and product much more effectively than plain text content.

· Image submissions work well to create comprehensive and potent backlinks for the business that helps in increasing inbound traffic.

· A picture takes less time to convey the message than textual content, something that befits the user-intent strategies in SEO nowadays.

· Precise images help to target qualified and specific target audiences in an ideal way.

· Using different SEO tactics that include image submission means the brand credibility improves.

What Best Practices to Follow for Image Submission?

When you are choosing a platform for image submission, ensure that you pick the page that has a good rank, so that you are able to target a wider target audience. Picking the right submission site, and the portal that garners high user interest will help you get a good footing, which will help you increase your brand visibility and ranking.


Just like image submission, optimizing paid blog writing services also needs to be done with proper research, assessment and strategy so that you are able to generate high-quality backlinks.

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